Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Can you see the damage on the left side? 

chin? what chin??
Hello again!

Here are the x-rays I got done a few months ago. Sorry for the bad quality but this is the best i can get of my old scanner! I have another appointment with Dr. Heliotis next Thursday and he will give me a copy of my CT Scans and stereolithographic models, I'll upload them as soon as I get home :)

On the front x-ray you can see how damaged my left condyle is, I cant believe my GP said it wasnt that bad... I've been told I will need a joint replacement in about 20 years time :(

You have probably noticed the amount of missing molars.... the problem is that they get chipped sometimes because even tho i dont have a cross bite i can really fit my jaws in the right place if you know what i mean... specially when im asleep. I have also had TERRIBLE experiences with dentists, they are my LEAST favourite people in the whole world! Once the surgery is done I will get a couple of implants to make it perfect!

On the front scan you can also see how my bottom teeth shifted to the right, I hope it doesnt mean it will take longer to get them straight! 

Hara x

P.S my friend just said 'You look like Homer Simpson' hahahaha funny and true!!!

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