Saturday, 31 March 2012

Lower 5 removed

Hi there bloggers!

Yesterday I got my lower 5 removed! my ortho said I would get better results after surgery, he is going to push my lower teeth as far as he can and my top ones as forward as he can therefore giving me a MASSIVE overbite. He said the bigger the overbite the more they can move my lower jaw forward and thats my main concern. I have to tell you a little secret: I HATE NEEDLES!!!! Ive been referred to the hospital in the past because I couldnt stand still in the dentist chair, this time i though: GROW UP HARA! I went in all by myself :) It helps to have such lovely staff in the clinic, they all know my name already and the nurse was the same one that my ortho has, she is soooooo lovely! she held my hand and told me i was doing great, even tho i was crying and shaking..... The dentist was also amazing, he kept telling me everything he was doing step by step in a very soothing voice. I love everyone at that clinic! Ive never said anything remotely as nice about any dentist Ive seen...

So now there is a huge hole in my mouth, yuck! I doesnt really hurt, i havent taken any painkillers yesterday or today. I'll post a picture on request, its gross.

I have a couple of questions for you regarding numbness:

1) Does it feel like when you come out of the dentist but for months??? I really hate that feeling and i couldn't move my bottom lip

2) My OS hasnt told me about how many mm he is planning to move the jaw forward, im guessing it'll be a big move. Does the numbness get worse the more they move it?

Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend everyone! Im going to Paris today for my friends birthday! :)

Au revoir!

Hara x

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

More photos


Tomorrow will mark my second week with braces. I cant say I dont mind them yet but Im certainly getting used to them, kind of enjoying brushing my teeth 10 times a day! I never have big meals, Im always snacking :)

I realised I dont have any proper pictures on here so here you go! I did my hair up in a pony tail so you can see my profile properly. I don't know if you can notice it but on my right side profile there is no jawline at all, its completely flat.

Thanks for reading.

Much love

Hara x

First of all: HELLO!
Front relaxed

LEFT profile relaxed

RIGHT profile relaxed
LEFT profile when I close my mouth
RIGHT profile when I close my mouth
relaxed mouth
Closing my lips

Friday, 16 March 2012

Pre-braces photos

So... I got my top braces fitted 2 days ago. All I can say is that I HATE THEM! I thought they were going to be painful but not that uncomfortable, I was also worried about what they would look like but after 2 days I dont mind that much what they look like, they are not that painful but they are SOOOOOOOO UNCOMFORTABLE! Im a bit cranky because I havent had a proper meal since I had them on, how long until I can eat something normal? I can't survive on soup!! Im really upset, it feels like my top lip is resting on  the wire... I havent taken any pictures yet, I'll do that tomorrow.

Im getting my left L5 removed next week and a couple of weeks later I'll get the bottom braces fitted.

I'll keep you posted!

Much love!

Hara x

This is what happens when I push my jaw forward

loooooovely angle!!