Friday, 23 December 2011

3D Models


I went to see my OS yesterday. He showed me the 3D Models I had done a few weeks ago, here are the pictures:
The left side and the right side are COMPLETELY different. 
My over-jet is 7mm on the right side and 4 on the left.

This is the side I broke. Its much thinner than the right side.

This is a weird view... But from the back you can really see the difference in the bone, the right side is strong and much longer, the left is weak and it looks out of place...
He told me he will send me the CT Scan after xmas, I will upload it as soon as I receive it.

He also said he has been talking to some colleagues about my case, he is thinking about just moving my left side forward and do a joint replacement on the right. I was quite surprised with this as I was sure a bi-jaw surgery would be enough! He says there is plenty of time before he has to decide...

He also mentioned a genioplasty would give me a much better profile, I trust him 100% so I'll probably do it as well

Any questions let me know!

Hara x


  1. Wow! your models are really interesting. It looks like a great tool for your surgeon to use to help plan what to do.

    How did you decide on that specific oral surgeon? I would be interesting to compare your case to other people that have had the same type of treatment for the mandibular hypoplasia, although I guess everyone is a unique case!

    Good luck! I cant wait to see the CT scan too. It still amazes me they can construct the models from the scan. so cool! (I know, I'm a huge dork. lol)

  2. Those molds are flipping cool !!! Wow so much detail and precision, it gives you a new perspective of bone and teeth.

    How did you find your oral surgeon, was it a recommendation from general dentist/orthodontist?

    Anyways glad to hear your well, look forward to the updates :)


  3. Hi,i like have a cool blog.
    hopes its ok a come into sometimes...
    pictures with silversmile,rubber band?headgear too?
    See you miss.

  4. Hello! First of all apologies for the late reply but Ive been in thailand for the last month and the connexion there wasnt so good...

    Laura: I did a google search and his name kept popping up so I booked an appointment, once I met him I was absolutely sure I wanted him as my OS! I've met a few doctors and they always make me feel uncomfortable and tense but he is AMAZING! I found out later he specialises in face reconstruction so he really is perfect for me.

    Suzie: yeah they are amazing! I want to do something with them once this is all over! maybe paint them o something.... :)

    Hey Nutta :) come and say hello once in a while :) I still have a lot to post! ct scans, the tracings for my predicted profile (Im really looking forward to that) and more pictures

    Hara x