Saturday, 10 December 2011


This was me 2 years ago. I HATE this picture! WHERE IS MY CHIN???
Drunk + camera = gummy smile

I don't mind this one that much but you can see the asymmetry pretty well....
Classic... went for a nap in the train and found this on facebook the day after...
I really, really HATE this picture. You can see the long bit at the end of my nose....
I will upload better pictures another day. Im getting the surgery done mainly to correct my bite but I am also really looking forward to the 'cosmetic side effects'. Let me know if you have any questions :) I dont even know if anyone is reading this! haha

Hara x


  1. Hi Hara, thanks for following my blog, I will follow yours after I've written this comment! I think me and you have very similar jaw problems, your face structure looks very similar to mine. I've never heard of anyone's jaw problems being caused by an accident before. Mine were caused by extreme thumb sucking until I was about 11.

    I know what you mean about denying that your jaw problems affect how you feel about your appearance. I think I was about 15 when I saw my face from the side and was like 'oh my God do I really look like that?!' but I kind of just ignored it and was quite confident in my appearance. But then a few years ago it started to really bother me. I even looked into chin implants before I realised it was still possible for me to have the jaw surgery.

    I really like finding people on here who have such similar jaw problems to me, it's so interesting to compare your jaw problems and progress as you go through this journey. It's also good to find other people in the UK, as the process seems quite different in the US. Are you getting your braces put on in January? And are you getting it done on the NHS?

    Sarah x

  2. Hi I just started following your blog! It appears we suffer from the same jaw/chin problems. I'm having surgery just a couple of weeks before you (12/17). Do you know what your predicted movement will be? And are you having a genioplasty? I'm still debating the latter although I probably need it I'm nervous about the side effects (and whether or not I will like it on my face).

    I look forward to following your journey!!


  3. Hi Hara!
    I just found your blog and welcome to the fun world of jaw surgery and braces,I got my braces on about 2 weeks ago and my bite is going haywire with more gummyness and deeper overbite...But yup just wanted to drop by say hello :) I also have a blog if you'd like to have another jaw buddy :)

  4. Hi girls! :)

    Sarah: Yeah I had a look at your pictures and it looks like we have a very similar structure except for the asymmetry... I dont have the measurements of my over-jet and over-bite but I'll upload them very soon.
    I'm getting a chin implant as well as the double jaw surgery...
    Im really happy to find people going through this procedure, I've been slightly obsessed with jaw lines and chins in the past few months and I think my friends are bored of hearing about the xrays, scans and appointments with doctors... And how upset I am about the braces :(
    I went to my GP once because my jaw was really hurting and he said my problem wasnt 'important' enough to operate. Once you see the x-rays you will probably think the doctor was BLIND!! I decided to get a second opinion a couple of years after that and I was completely convinced by Dr. Heliotis, he is AMAZING! I've seen all his before-after pictures and I didnt even want to see anyone else, I trust him completely. If you are interested in the cost I'll let you know, it is A LOT of money but luckily for me i have the best brother in the world and he is paying for it....

    Tara: I still dont have a surgery date but it will be approximately a year after I get the braces so Im guessing January 2012, I'll hopefully get them off after 3 months which would be perfect as my birthday is in March ;)

    BleedingOrchid: We'll probably have surgery at very close dates then! It feels like its ages away!!!!!!!

    Thank you all for your support! I really look forward to following your journey! :)

    Hara x

  5. Hi Hara, sorry for my late reply, I haven't had the internet at home for a couple of weeks.

    Yeah I don't have the assymetry, but apart from that we're pretty similar jaw-wise I think! I just read your post about your models, and I think my overbite is a bit bigger than yours.

    If you don't mind telling me I'd be interested in hearing how much it costs to have it done privately, but it's fine if you'd rather not say! I'm sure you'll get things done a lot quicker than I will on the NHS!

    Do you know when your getting your braces on yet?

    Sarah x

  6. Hello Sarah! Sorry for the late reply! been away for the last month and I couldnt access the internet that much, nightmare!

    I have to make an appointment with my OD, I'll get them on before the end of the month I think :( Im scared!

    The appointment with the OS was £170, I've seen him 5 times already and I can see him as many as I want before the operation. Next time will be 3 months after getting the braces on. I have the cost of the surgery somewhere... i'll try to find them later and I'll post it here. Its A LOT of money but the NHS didnt want to do it and I didnt insist that much to be honest... I should have done it years ago! If I insist Im sure they'll end up doing it but It will take like 2 years to start the treatment and everything will just take longer, I want this to be over as soon as possible! I have another reason to do it private, its kind of embarrassing because its pure vanity! If i do it privately I can choose ceramic braces... I know... VAIN!!!
    The OD consultation was £220 including some xrays...
    the 3D models and CT Scan were £750 ( I nearly cried when they told me but seeing them i realise they are worth every penny)
    The xrays were £80
    I think im going to dedicate a whole post to this!! :)
    I tried to get a health insurance thinking they would cover some of it but apparently its a pre existing condition so it wouldnt cover ANY of it!

    Do you have a surgery date yet? Im really looking forward to seeing your results! :)

    Hara x