Friday, 15 March 2013

1st braces anniversary aaaaand I HAVE A DATE!!!!

YES!! I DOOOOO!!!! I'm over the moon!! Yesterday marked my one year anniversary with these horrible things in my mouth and I also had a joint appointment with my surgeon and orthodontist. They said I'm ready and went through a few things together. The plan now is to impact my top jaw 5mm and move it forward 3mm. Lower jaw advancement of about 6mm and genioplanty. I booked my date as soon as I left the office, he asked me to book it in about 3 weeks because I need some blood test and a facebow which I'm trying to get done next week. I can't do it in three weeks because I will be in the Caribbean for work (tough life) until 14th April so I booked it for 20th April. I'm so excited and nervous!! I nearly cried when I left haha silly me...
I can't believe this is happening!!! 36 days!!!! I wish I could say it has gone so quick and blah blah blah but I want to be honest here, I.HATE.MY.BRACES!! Ok they are not as bad as I thought but I still want to pull them off every day! One thing I was very wrong about is guys, I thought 'this is it! No kissing any one for two years!' But as it turns out I fell in love with one of my friends and so did he :) it happened while we were travelling in India, he is a massive support through this tedious process. But every time I kiss him I think 'damn you braces' I just ant wait to be over and done with this!!! Aaaaaargh rant over hahaha

Good luck to everyone going through surgery this coming weeks and well done to all of you on the other side! Any surgery buddies for me?

Mucho love