Saturday, 10 December 2011

Passport photos pre accident and post accident

This is me 2 months before the accident. Symmetrical face

I was 9 or 10 in this one, the change is already noticeable. My jaw-line is vanishing...

I think i was 14 or 15 in this picture... Before I started tricking the pictures :) The asymmetry is very clear in this picture... 

See the difference?


  1. Hey Hara!
    Welcome to the blogging world! You're the first person that I've seen whose bite problems were caused by an accident. I really look forward to reading your blog and learning about this. I wish you well on your jaw journey!

  2. Hey Max!
    Ive been looking pretty hard for the past few months and I cant find a case like mine! My surgeon says I have a special and intriguing case.... Is that good?? :/

  3. It is actually really interesting to see how a broken bone has affected your jaw growth, although I'm sure it's not so great to hear your surgeon say that you have a special case:( Did your surgeon mean that your case is special and intriguing because you have a rarer etiology or because there is a different method of treating your jaw during braces and surgery?

    P.S. I bet your brother feels awful about this accident now!

  4. I think he meant because of the rarity of how my jaw/face have adapted... According to him I should look a lot worse!!!!!

    My silly brother does feel a bit guilty but he knows it was an accident and it wasnt anyone's fault, if there was anyone to blame it would be me for being to slow! haha