Thursday, 19 April 2012

Lower braces are ON

Hey there followers!!

First of all congratulations to Cat!! her results are amazing and its so encouraging to see her amazing smile, thanks so much for sharing :)

I went to see my OD to get my lower braces fitted, I wasnt as nervous as last time... It only took about 30 minutes in total. I got metal ones to make my smile shine!! :P I got them on Left 1234 and 6 and Right 12345. He didnt link left 4 and 6 because he wants to make the front ones straight first and then start closing the gaps.

I thought he was going to change the wire in the top ones but he said there is still some work to be done, he did say they look pretty straight but I really can't tell. I guess its because I see them every day.

Here are some horrible shots for you, I took them with my iphone so they are not very good... And please forgive the bubbles

Much love!

Hara x