Saturday, 10 December 2011

Its picture time!


So... let me explain. When I was 6 I was playing with my brother and I had a bad fall which resulted in my left condyle being broken. Since then my jaw hasn't grown properly, the left side hasn't actually grown much at all! Once I upload the x-rays you will be able to have a much better idea of what's going on. 20 years later and I have Long Face Syndrome: over-bite, over-jet and jaw asymmetry. If that wasn't enough I also snore heavily at night (but don't tell anyone). My nose has also been affected, its longer than it should be at the end, you'll see in the pictures.

I decided to see a Doctor a few months ago because my left side really hurts sometimes. The cosmetic problem has never worried me too much, or so I thought... I think I've been in denial all this time. The best way to describe what it feels like is comparing it to hearing your own voice recorded, you know: 'eww... thats not me'. That's what i feel like when i see a picture of me, the image in my head is entirely different. I suppose this happens to everyone... I didn't think my looks were something to worry about but I've realised I do A LOT of untagging on facebook and I am a master of getting pictures taken from the Right Angle. I will upload some of those today. Oh dear....

This post is getting way too long...

Here are the pictures. Please feel free to ask me anything :)

Hara x


  1. I know exactly what you mean about photos on facebook. I've deleted almost every photo that I didn't take myself. I have a similar issue, and while I never saw a doctor about it, I think mine was due to getting hit in the jaw with a baseball when I was around 8 or 9. I mostly have an asymmetry problem and have developed a bit of an over bite, along with a pain that is similar to fatigue or muscle strain.
    While no one has ever said anything about it to me, it has made me very self conscious. I can get pretty down about it sometimes, which becomes socially crippling. I'm a pretty quite person, who always has a lot to say, but I never speak up, because I don't want anyone to look at me and notice.
    I really hate feeling sorry for myself, but up until now I've never known anyone with this problem. It's kind of cheesy for me to say, but your courage gives me strength! Thank you, and best of luck!

    Josh B.

    1. I've realised now Ive been in denial all these years, thinking I was confident and not having a problem with the way I look but I see now how I am self-conscious about my jaw. I had a good look on facebook and all the pictures Ive detagged myself from, most of them are profile shots... says a lot, doesnt it?
      A few millimetres can make a huge difference in the way you look and most importantly in the way you feel about yourself. My advice is not to wait any longer and find a doctor you can trust.
      Reading about other people's journeys really encouraged me too, Im so happy this blog is helping you! :)
      Best of luck and please keep me posted :)

      Hara x