Sunday, 13 May 2012

Weak chin model

Hello everyone!

Hope everyone is keeping well specially those of you recovering from your surgery or preparing for it! All my best thoughts go to you!

I have to admit I've become somewhat obsessed with jaws and chins. Im not the only one, right? The point of this post is that I saw this model on TV and she has a weak chin, I think she is beautiful and its making me reconsider genio... what do you guys think? here is a couple of pictures of her.

I have an appointment with my OS next week so I'll ask him about it, he is going to give me the predicted profile tracings! IM SO EXCITED!!!! :)

xx Much love to you all xx


  1. Hara, trust me your not the only one becoming obsessed with Chins/Jawlines that makes two of us lol !
    This model has beautiful proportions, striking features(eyes,cheekbones,complexion etc etc) lol, and while she has a defined jawline her chin isnt that prominent.
    Will you leave the genio option to your surgeon to decide during the operation or maybe have it later if you feel you need it?...

    Good luck in your next meeting it should be eventful :)


  2. i dont know... he wants to do it because he says it will balance my face a lot more, I have high cheekbones and im very tall (5'11''). I'll have a good talk about it with him next week but I still have plenty of time to decide (unfortunately). I definitely wont do it after the surgery, no way im going through this stress again! haha

  3. You look better than the other girl. Strong feautures I would think of a man. You remind me of a childlike fairie.

  4. I have this exact issue! I think a chin implant would be much better? Also PLEEEASE who is this model? I really want to know. She's gorgeous!!