Monday, 24 June 2013

Sooo... I'm the worse blogger EVER! 9 weeks post op

Hmmm... I'm soooo sorry! I know I should have updated more often but on the first two weeks I didn't feel like it and after that I went back to work straight away and I haven't stopped ever since!

These are the only two photos I could find at the same angle. Nice eh? I'm soooo happy with the results! My surgeon is truly an artist! My teeth and bite feel great even tho I still have a few more months of orthodontics. Can't wait for te big day :) 

Day 1 at the hospital - as soon as I have time I will do a post for every day. For now ill just upload some pictures. Sorry guys! I'm a busy bee :) 
Haha Day 1. I only had a rubber band on for a few hours. Tip number one: NEVER lose your sense of humour ;) (please ignore the hair...)

Day 3 - finally at home. This is my sad face 

Day 3 - and happy face!! Haha I could only more my eyebrows...

Day 4 - and I can already feel the swelling going down :) check out my bruises around the neck

Day 5 - ahem... Same tshirt? Oopsy... Feeling better but lips still not touching

Day 6 - err.... I don't even know what to say...

Day 8 - I can close my lips! Hurray! Worse day for bruising... 

Day 8 - boooooom

Day 9 - smile! :) I felt MUCH better here. I could feel the swelling going down really quickly 

Day 9 - BOO!

Day 10 - looking a bit tired but I was feeling well :) 

Day 11 - getting back to normality :) 

Day 14 - back to work! Hurray!!!

After this I didn't take more
Pictures... As I've said before I haven't stopped working. I will post a mega long story about my recovery soon. Promise. My surgeon has been great :) I've seen him 4 times already and I have another appointment for next month. Keep checking my blog for more! 

Here are a few pictures from the past few days 

 I can't believe it's taken me this long to post my before and after. Sooooorry


  1. You are alive!!!! Im 9 weeks post op at this point too, so glad to see that you've come along so well :) Update when you can but you look fantastic! Your surgeon did a great job!

  2. You look beautiful and I'm amazed as to how great you look! Lucky you! I'm not sure I'm happy with my results. I'm about 50 days post op and had a similar jaw as yours but my face looks longer than I like. :(

  3. Those are some amazing results, you look fantastic!!! That is some intense post-surgery bruising.. can't wait to hear the full story :)

  4. Hi! I'm contemplating jaw surgery as well. Can you post pics of your X-rays? I know you posted one, but can we see the before and after?

  5. Hi! Please help me as I am seriously considering having jaw surgery in the UK but am not a resident. I have an overbite, overjet and TMJ issues. Without NHS, can you tell what is the average total cost?

  6. Can you please recommend your surgeon? I am unable to find a right surgeon..your blog gave me hope!